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50 Years After Apollo 11

One GIANT HOAX on mankind?

Saturday July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the date in 1969 when NASA purported to land live men on the surface of the moon.

We are technically-minded people here at, and so we’re somewhat skeptical of the whole thing.  We don’t say the entire thing was faked.  We say that we don’t know.  But there are five things we believe we can know with absolute certainty:

  1. No government agency would ever lie to us for any reason.
  2. Baby Boomers are astonishingly gullible people, as a general rule.
  3. The video footage of the event that we’ve been presented since childhood is not fake in any way.
  4. Neil Armstrong used to, and Buzz Aldrin still does, order a Coccia House pizza every time he comes to Cleveland to talk about the time he went to the moon and didn’t die from acute radiation poisoning on the way. Michael Collins, who supposedly stayed in the orbiter, knows what’s what and just orders room service.
  5. The Daily Record will make a clumsy week-long effort to contrive local connections to this event for clicks.*

If you’re a Daily Record subscriber then you might not have the presence of mind to wonder about some gaping scientific holes in the official story.  We humbly do:

  1. How did they get live men through the Van Allen belts, twice per round trip?
  2. How did their sensitive, primitive electronic instruments survive the irradiation?
  3. You say they chose a trajectory through the poles and bypassed most of it.  Fine.  Show us the telemetry data.
  4. You say that, in the years since, the recordings of the telemetry data from the most significant scientific expedition in human history were not deemed significant enough for preservation in the national archives.  They were casually left unguarded throughout the Cold War and eventually taped over.  Fine.  Who was deemed responsible for that negligence and subsequently fired, prosecuted and imprisoned?
  5. I can’t send an 802.11 WiFi signal, using modern equipment, from my living room to my back yard in 2019 without losses. How did they send their signals in 1969 more than 230,000 miles to and from the moon and lose only one single word of their corny script?
  6. Why haven’t any other nations even pretended to land men on the moon since?  Fifty years is a very long time indeed, in terms of rocketry and engineering.  The Chinese steal and copy everything else we do.  The English and Canadians are so envious of us generally that any reasonable person could expect them to try to fake something like this too.  Yet they haven’t. Why not?
  7. And the Soviets?


*Here’s their first attempt. It’s behind a paywall, so try the Brave Browser and a private browsing window.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.  Shock from cognitive dissonance can be very distressing, but try to be nice.

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  1. Well this doesn’t make me feel very good. I am an objective skeptic in most things – as we all should be. I was never here nor there about the whole Lunar Landing event. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t was my thing. I’m not too much of a space person so I didn’t care enough to find out. I am, however, open minded to educated theories and scientific facts. Above all, I ask myself why our country would go to these great lengths to create such a monumental hoax at the expense of being found out somewhere down the road? Space race ….. what ever….but really, why? All “why’s” aside, the questions raised in this article (along with various notably defensive astronaut interviews) really make me doubt something I was not looking to. Thanks Wooster Fun! “This isn’t fun…..” But, I like it.

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