The fun guide to Wooster, Ohio

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Chick-fil-A every Wed-nes-Day

To thrill, delight and bedazzle the locals, the mighty Chick-fil-A corporation sent its food truck to town last Wednesday.

A multitude waited to be fed outside in the sweltering heat on July 3rd in the Grace Church parking lot.  Patrons reported* waiting on line for longer than an hour that day to buy deep-fried chicken sandwiches served in plain buns.  This doesn’t sound like much fun to us but apparently a good time was had by all, as they say in church bulletins.

Rumor has it that the truck will set up every Wednesday in Wooster for at least July.  The next location has not been announced, but we’ll find it and let you know. We plan to go next week to learn what all the excitement over basic quick-serve chicken sandwiches is about.

*That’s another link to a Daily Record article behind a paywall.  Sorry.  Try the Brave Browser and a private window to see it.  You’ll probably like using Brave because it blocks all those pop-up ads on sites like 


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