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CONFIRMED: Wooster is 90% less stinky this year

In July last year, we reported that Wooster’s city council had authorized a $1.92 million project to build a new sewage storage tank on Old Columbus Road, just west of downtown.

The stench emitted from the sewage lagoon there pervaded the downtown area and (to say the least) was putting a damper on dining and entertainment activity.  When the project was announced, city engineer Roger Kobilarcsik said that he expected it to reduce the stinkification factor by 90% in 2020.

Our story drew a lot of interest and stimulated some unexpected commentary. 

We especially enjoyed this reaction from a local newspaper blogger.  

After all, we wrote our story after reading her own blog post on the local newspaper website.  

#it’snotthathard  #kobilarcsik

Screenshot of a Tami Mosser post on a social media site

We’re not sure how far the project to build the new storage tank has proceeded since July, because we don’t feel like going down there to check on it.  But in early January the stench seems to be largely abated. 

Seeking important input from the downtown business community we asked a waitress there if people still complained about the stench any more. 

“Not really.  Are you like ready to order now?” she told us on Friday January 10, 2020. 

This case seems to have come to a close, for now. But we’ll be happy to look into this again should the need arise.  Be sure to let us know in the comments section below if anyone starts making a stink about this again. 

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