It has been a wet week with lots of heavy rain, and it’s becoming a real chore to have to move all your potted flowers back indoors whenever a dark cloud appears.

Our church class was held on Zoom again.  Father P.  teaches the class and he’s a bit of a modernist.  I wanted to tell him “Look, Padre.  I came here to learn to be a Catholic, not a communist.”  But “Silence is golden” they say.

A neighbor said that he’s collecting a little less money on unemployment than he did when he was working, but he’s saving money on daycare fees so it’s really all the same to him. He was drinking beer at the time.  I’ve always held that it should be a crime to sell alcohol to retarded people, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Moving on, the local bars are scheduled to re-open this week.  Most people haven’t had much practice at driving while under the influence of alcohol in the past two months so I’m guessing that they’ll be a little rusty at first.  It’s probably best to stay off the road for the first couple of nights.

In fact it’s best to not drink OR drive, the Amish say.


(Real name withheld)
Wooster, Ohio

P.S.  Everyone around here is wearing masks yet no one is sick.  Though when I was at the local deli I heard that two people died after shopping at Walmart.

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