1. How did Boscos and gianinnos get on the list? And Coccia House not even on the list?
    Whoever made this list obviously knows nothing about food. Gianinnos is a step above Pizza hut which isn’t that great, Boscos crust was like cardboard the few times I tried them, they don’t even deserve an honorable mention in this category. COCCIA HOUSE IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST PIZZA PLACE IN WAYNE COUNTY.

    1. Eh… not so fast, Allen. He’s supported his choices here with actual reasons why he likes each one. Can you do anything to support your case? You can’t just type something in all caps that you heard someone say before, and think that settles the question. Not if you want to be taken seriously, anyway.

    2. How about a poll? People complain about EVERYTHING. let everyone
      make a recommendation and show the results. Majority rules. Allen, your statement is an OPINION. Not a fact. I disagree. That’s MY opinion.

      1. Hi, Shirley. We have an important visitor poll running on the front page right now. Please give us your answer. We’re actually planning a new poll every week and trying to post fun stuff here every day. It would be great if you could bookmark our site, and help spread the word around to your friends. Thanks for reading!

    3. I disagree
      Coccia House is only good to people that have grown up in Wooster, for everyone else UGH.

  2. Hello Allen,

    Thank you for the feedback. I do not care for Coccia House, so I cannot recommend it to people. This is a list of places that I enjoy, and that I hope others can enjoy too.

  3. This guy dont know shit, Coccia House was voted nationally as one of the best pizzas in the NATION LET THAT SINK IN.

    1. So all five of these are even better? It’s starting to sink in. Wooster is richly blessed.

    2. Thanks for the kind feedback, Tim. I do not like the taste of Coccia, so I cannot recommend it. This is my opinion. Also, please post the article where they are ranked in the nation.

    1. Thank you for the response, K.O. The link provided is a list that was voted on by fans, not by experts. The “fact” is that Coccia House is not good. A majority of the time the pizza is under-cooked. You would think that after 2 hours of waiting that they would at least cook the pizza. They don’t even use real mushrooms, which takes away from their “authentic” pizza. Again, this is just my opinion. You can get better “pizza” at a Marathon gas station.

  4. Who comes up with these lists, a local?

    1. Yes. It’s a collaborative effort among locals. Thank you for reading. We really appreciate it.

  5. When the Osaka chef starts tossing shrimp, I usually catch it on the first try. My wife has trouble with the trajectory since she is blind in her right eye, God bless her, but she tries. The chef usually goes through 3 shrimp and two zucchini before she catches one.

    1. Thanks for the response, Quatto. Not sure what you mean by “grade A butthurt” but I’ll assume you enjoyed the article. Thank you for reading it.

  6. Your bigotry regarding people who are seeking asylum in the United States is outstanding: It clearly distinguishes you. Why such vitriol? You have nothing to fear and much to give to those who are in need. Please consider Christian charity rather than ridicule.

    1. Hi Nancy. Your comment convinces us that you’ve read some things in our posts that aren’t actually there and you’ve reached some truly unwarranted conclusions from them. We ridicule reporters when they’re being silly (which is often) and when they are allowing themselves to be used for political purposes (which is almost all the time). If you find someone on our site ridiculing immigrants, though, be sure to copy the link and let us know right away. Thank you for reading. We appreciate it.

  7. What is the point of this article? And your comments about the origins of the individuals associated with each restaurant is both ignorant and inaccurate and based on assumptions regarding their backgrounds mostly founded on their looks or use of language. This is far from fun.

    1. We refer to the style of humor you are reading here as “satire”. It is our favorite kind. Thank you for reading, and for your comment. We know everyone who reads us is busy, and we appreciate the time you give us.

  8. Actually if you read the menu at Coccia’s you would know exactly where they come from and when they came here.

    1. What’s it say? I myself was raised in Pennsylvania and migrated to Ohio many years ago. It was hard, but with hard work and perseverance I was able to get to Wooster and I’m very glad for it. This is a nice town and I’m happy to help show it off to visitors.

      1. You are the ones who said you couldn’t figure it out. Just telling you to read the menu and all your questions will be answered.

        1. You’ve become accustomed to getting in the last word, haven’t you? I admire perseverance.

  9. What about Brother’s Pizza? Best pizza in Wayne County! $4.99 buys you a double slice, bag of chips and a soda at the gas station west of the fairgrounds.
    That pizza is incredible!

    1. Thanks for checking out the article, Eugene. I haven’t had it, but the guys at work seem to love it! I’ll have to take your word and give it a try. Thanks for taking time to recommend your favorite pie!

  10. Big fan of this page. Looking forward to the new articles!

  11. Barbara Norris was quite upset with woofun in regards to the “Immigration” restaurant article. She was on a mission. She’s probably the one that got Hank and Sam banned from the Wayne County People’s Court, and the Wooster Insider page.

  12. How is this site going to put the DR out of business??? It’s called humor people… laugh a little, feel young again… like before you were 70 years old and subscribed to the DR!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababbahahahahahahahahahahahah

  13. Yes, Barbara. This is a website. You connect to it on The WiFi. The WiFi is behind The Recliner.

  14. Well this doesn’t make me feel very good. I am an objective skeptic in most things – as we all should be. I was never here nor there about the whole Lunar Landing event. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t was my thing. I’m not too much of a space person so I didn’t care enough to find out. I am, however, open minded to educated theories and scientific facts. Above all, I ask myself why our country would go to these great lengths to create such a monumental hoax at the expense of being found out somewhere down the road? Space race ….. what ever….but really, why? All “why’s” aside, the questions raised in this article (along with various notably defensive astronaut interviews) really make me doubt something I was not looking to. Thanks Wooster Fun! “This isn’t fun…..” But, I like it.

    1. *Thanks Wooster Fun! “This isn’t fun…..” But, I like it.*
      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading.

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