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Open Thread


We have been a little busy and haven’t had time to make up a story all day.  We’re sorry.

To make amends, we offer you this open thread where you can comment on anything you like.  If it’s interesting and not weird, we’ll probably comment back. This should be fun.

We’ll go first.

  1. Our little hobby website isn’t going to put The Daily Record out of business. We like the DR.  We once got a fun job from answering a “Help Wanted” ad in it, back when they still published those, along with other interesting, useful things.
  2. We’ve probably had more visitors to our site this week than they have paying subscribers under age 70.
  3. There seems to be correlation between 1 & 2 but we just can’t quite grasp it well enough to put it into words.
  4. We don’t know who Tammy Tami Mosser is but we hope she doesn’t lose her job.  She seems nice.
  5. It isn’t a crime, or even unkind, to show people how to use private browsing windows.
  6. We aren’t cloaked in anything other than goodwill for this town. It’s nice here and we invite people to visit all the  time.
  7. We think downtown is getting pretty swanky now and we hope it gets a lot less stinky, very soon.
  8. We know the people who run Coccia House aren’t immigrants.  We didn’t know how many people can’t recognize satire.
  9. #8 makes us howl in laughter.
  10. When you see a typo her, it is probably deliberate.

6 Responses

  1. Barbara Norris was quite upset with woofun in regards to the “Immigration” restaurant article. She was on a mission. She’s probably the one that got Hank and Sam banned from the Wayne County People’s Court, and the Wooster Insider page.

  2. How is this site going to put the DR out of business??? It’s called humor people… laugh a little, feel young again… like before you were 70 years old and subscribed to the DR!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababbahahahahahahahahahahahah

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