Dining in Wooster

Wooster used to have lots of places for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you could go to them and enjoy being around other people and have a good time.  But one day in March 2020 the governor said that they all had to close and everyone complied and did just as he ordered.  

He declared this time to be “15 Days To Flatten The Curve” and they all fell for it.  During this time he let them stay open for takeout orders, and they thanked him and praised him.  

A few said “Wait a minute. He has the power to do this, I guess, but he doesn’t have the authority to do it. And they defied those unlawful orders and stayed open until their neighbors, customers, and competitors, betrayed them and he punished them with fines administrative actions.

Then in November 2020 he issued new rules that required all serfs under his dominion to wear masks on their faces at all times, and ordered the restaurateurs to enforce those rules under threat of some very mild penalties, really. 

All complied and declared themselves to be grateful that he allowed them to do business at all, and the story continues to this day.