Shopping in Wooster

Wooster used to have lots of specialty shops to visit and you could go into them whenever they were open.  

One day in March 2020 the governor said that nearly all of them had to close “for “15 Days to Flatten The Curve”.

Few dared to defy him and those who did were betrayed by their neighbors who reported them to “the authorities” for fines and other punishments. 

Some time later the governor told them that they could open again under strict rules that he insisted that he had the authority, not just the power, to enact and no one did a damned thing about it.

Then in November 2020 he issued new rules that required all serfs under his dominion to wear masks on their faces at all times, and ordered the storekeepers to enforce those rules under threat of some very mild penalties, really. 

The stores willfully, and usually with relish, enforced those rules against everyone who tried to enter those stores. 

This had the predictable effect of reminding everyone of how easy and convenient it really is to just shop at and